Seeking Musicians for Street Gig.

What’s Street Gig ?

One of our main activities.
We want to create towns: (1) to be filled with,(2) to have fun with music, (3)to bond with music, to bond with other towns. We believe Street Gig can make that happen.
Look at” Footprint report” for our activities in the past.

Sign-up, Selection, and Notification

Musicians in Pops and jazz section are welcome.
Send in certain papers and recording of your performance by ordinary mail, or
e-mail. See details for “how to sign up “ below. Sign ?up needed only once.

The committee will do the selection according to each gig setting.
Notification will be sent to people selected, after each selection.
Condition of gig performance may change according to each gig setting.
Details will be sent with notification.


 ・Can be either a professional or amateur musician.
 ・If all band members are under Junior-high students, need to be accompanied
  by guardians.

■Not Allowed
 ・Loud music not allowed due to the circumstance of the gig places.

 ・Main speaker, mixer , 3mikes, 3mike stands can be used.
 ・You need to bring other equipments.

■How to sign up
 by E-mail
  ①Entry paper,Excel, 19KB
   ・Download Excel file, and fill in.
  ②performance must be submitted by one of those:
   1)writing URL adress of” YouTube”or “ Myspace”that is Audible.
   2)E-mailing recorded audible attachment file
    (Up to 20MB including the main file)
   3)E-mailing recorded file by transmission service.
 E-mail one of three to:

・No fee required for sign up, however we may ask you to pay little money
 according to some event.
・Please submit the tunes you’re planning to play on the day of the event.
・Your papers and recordings submitted, are for us to. To keep for the record.
・MS committee is resposible of your personal Information and will not use
 except to contact with You for the event.
・No Query accepted on selection.