Upcoming Event Info

Our two main activities
:(1) Classical, Jazz and Pop street gigs
:(2) MS Festival will be held at the Machida Civic Hall

Upcoming Street Gig Schedule

■"Street Gig" Sun,Oct,14th,2018
Machida Terminal Plaza : JR Machida Station Terminal Exit
   13:00~13:30 音たまバンド
   13:30~14:00 KATSUYA
   14:00~14:30 @home
   14:30~15:00 TENGUSTAR
   15:00~15:30 Tay
   15:30~16:00 葛西正志
   16:00~16:30 BIG MOUTH CHOIR
   16:30~17:00 pento note

MS Activity appeared on "the Town News"

The first event, held on Sep. 18th,Sun,was on the"Town News"
And was also on the paper of Sep-29th.

Info about "Tokyo Silk Site"

Tokyo Silk Site was updated.
Tokyo Silk

The 8th Tokyo Silk Exhibition ? came from Tokyo Silkworms

Tokyo Silk event was held.

■Fri, Oct.21-Sun, Oct.23,2011 10AM-4:30 PM Admission Free

 Place: The Silkworm room of Mr.Masahiro Owada, 146 horinouchi, hachioji city
 Transportation: Keio-Sagamihara line, keio-horinouchi station, 12min-walk
         from the station
 Phone: 042-676-8407
 Talk session: Sat, Oct. 22 at 1PM-3PM
   About:"What’s it like to grow Silkworms in Tokyo" by Masahiro Owada,
       Silkworm grower : "A story of Silkworms"
 Display and Sale: Kimono, Obi, Obi-clip, Kimono-cloth, scarves, bags
 Backing sponsors: Hachioji city, Japan real cotton association foundation
 Contact: Etuko Okonogi ,representative of Tama Silklife21 research
 Phone: 042-381-5230


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