Upcoming Event Info

Our two main activities
:(1) Classical, Jazz and Pop street gigs
:(2) MS Festival will be held at the Machida Civic Hall

Upcoming Street Gig Schedule

■"Street Gig" Sat,Mar,31th,2018
Machida Terminal Plaza : JR Machida Station Terminal Exit
   12:00~12:30 AOYAMA
   12:35~13:00 大竹真衣
   13:10~13:40 レコパンゴスペル
   13:50~14:20 @home
   14:30~14:40 西東京朝鮮第二幼初中級学校
   14:50~15:20 音たまバンド
   15:30~16:00 ちゃみバンド
   16:05~16:30 ワンダーニシター
   16:40~17:10 森永太郎と東京ギターラ
*The performer has changed. please confirm.

MS Activity appeared on "the Town News"

The first event, held on Sep. 18th,Sun,was on the"Town News"
And was also on the paper of Sep-29th.

Info about "Tokyo Silk Site"

Tokyo Silk Site was updated.
Tokyo Silk

The 8th Tokyo Silk Exhibition ? came from Tokyo Silkworms

Tokyo Silk event was held.

■Fri, Oct.21-Sun, Oct.23,2011 10AM-4:30 PM Admission Free

 Place: The Silkworm room of Mr.Masahiro Owada, 146 horinouchi, hachioji city
 Transportation: Keio-Sagamihara line, keio-horinouchi station, 12min-walk
         from the station
 Phone: 042-676-8407
 Talk session: Sat, Oct. 22 at 1PM-3PM
   About:"What’s it like to grow Silkworms in Tokyo" by Masahiro Owada,
       Silkworm grower : "A story of Silkworms"
 Display and Sale: Kimono, Obi, Obi-clip, Kimono-cloth, scarves, bags
 Backing sponsors: Hachioji city, Japan real cotton association foundation
 Contact: Etuko Okonogi ,representative of Tama Silklife21 research
 Phone: 042-381-5230


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