To fill our towns with music.
A place where people can gather and communicate with one another in streets filled with music.

We want people to feel worth living ,have hope for the future, have fun through music. We want to make our towns places where people of all ages can live a vibrant life.

We want to create a SILKROAD area which stretches from Hachioji to Yokohama, broadening the area that has been already connected through music, and make each town a livelier place . Where music, towns and people unite, that’s the MUSIC SILKROAD.

Where music, town and people unite, that’s MUSIC SILKROAD.

Main activities

There are three music sections: Classic, Jazz, and Pop.

Each section will hold different events to add more music to ordinary towns.

When that happens, people gather through music which create places to communicate with others.

With many different kinds of art, including dance, we’ll have a big event called “ MUSIC SILKROAD FESTIVAL” starting fall of 2012.

Pop Section

Including rock, folk and other popular styles.

Street gigs at Callion Plaza, Machida Forum, McDonald’s Machida station shop and others.

Jazz Section

Jazz lovers get together and play mainly in pre-set jam session style.

Main Live place will be NewYorker’s Cafe Machida Street shop.

Classic Section

Classic music for everyone to enjoy in town.

Concerts at places like Machida Forum.

Dance Section

Including hip hop dance and country dance.