Info about The 4th Pop Festival in Machida 2014

What's Pop Festival in Machida ?

Machida Pop Festival in Mahida is a Music contest.
Main activity of Music Silkroad. The first festival was held as a 50 th municipal Mahicada city approved event in 2009. All genre, playstyle ,nationality ,age welcome competition style event. Winners will be selected by their recoreded performance (once ) 2 live performances (the last one wil be held at Machida citizen hall).


Machida Pop Festival 2014 is a Music contest. Several finalists will be chosen-Win prizes! Performers in the grand final will receive advice from professional judges. The application was closed. The semifinal convention was ended. Student award and Family award and the finalists were announced!

The finalists

■adult section
 ソラマメ、BOND BAND、GLASS PEcols、poplar、Quaker、Megu-Band、
 Double Door、あ・か・ら、ユニーヴ、麻

■student section

■family section

Student award and Family award

■Student award : 咲耶、1111
■Family award : ShabaChanS

Judges & Schedule

 Judges are famous musicians and producers from theatrical agency.

  Deadline for applications: Mar 30(Sun.)
 【student and adult section】secondary examination: Apr 26(Sat.)
                &May 3(Sat.)
                at Hinatamura carillon hole.
 【family section】secondary examination: Apr 29(Tue.)
           at Suganami music salon Machida
 【final convention】Jul 26(Sat.) at Machida citizen hall

 *A concert is due to be held by the winner of each prize after a final

Host,Co-host,Cooperation,Sponsor & Support

 ■Host : Music Silk Road executive committee
 ■Co-host : Suganami musical instrument, NPO Advisory Machida Recreation
 ■Sponsor :Sound mama, Nihonichi Shoyu, VEGA Music Entertainment,
       Ongaku no Tamariba,The Play House
 ■Support :Machida city, Machida Machizukuri Kousha, Machida City Tourism
       & Convention Bureau, Association for Promotin of regional
       activation, Machida terminal plaza kasseika conference,
       Junior Chamber international MACHIDA,NPO Machida recreation
       league,NPO Advisary Architecture Organization, NPO ARCSHIP
 ■Cooperation:Machida Cultural and International Exchange Foundation